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Spread the Positive

Not the Germs

We are doing a lot of things differently to stop the spread at our events and when completing your online orders.

Stop the Spread at Events

We understand that this is not the typical time for events. However, we still want to provide you with our hands on experience that everyone enjoys at our events. This means that we will have to change some of our practices to still give our customers the experience that they deserve. Below are the things we will be continuing and adding to our event protocols.

1. All customers must use hand sanitizer or gloves before touching products such as buttons, tumblers, and shirts.

2. All Gumdrop Team Members will be required to

wear a mask when communicating with

customers, other vendors, and event staff

3. We will be continuing to accept contactless payment

processors as our main method of payment.

Cash and check will still be taken at our events

too, however, customers will be asked to use

our contactless payment options.

4. We will be continuing the use of's

buy online pick up on site feature. If you select this method

we will text you the day of the event to give you details

on how to pick up your order curbside.

We hope that this will make it so that you feel safe

to come to one of our upcoming events. 

Stop the Spread with Online Orders

We are changing some small things about how we do Online Orders when fulfilling your order. 

1. We are choosing products from our suppliers that

have protocols in place to Stop the Spread.

2. If you have a small product such as a necklace,

buttons, or masks in your order we will be packaging

them in individual ziploc bags. 

We hope that this will make it so that you

feel safe to order from us. 

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