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About Us

143 Gumdrops is a student-owned business. Here we are committed to seeing the positive things in life, and sharing them!

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What is 143 Gumdrops?

The name 143 Gumdrops can be broken down to find the meaning. The first part, 143, means I love you on a pager back when they were still a thing. Then the word "Gumdrops" came from our owner's last name Gumerson. We thought that using the name 143 Gumdrops would show that we love you and that we are as sweet as Gumdrops when it comes to customer service.

Learn More

Want to learn more about our owner, Cole Gumerson?

Click the button below to be directed to his website.

Support Us

By clicking any of the links below you help support 143 Gumdrops to keep providing low prices and keeping students in business. 

*143 Gumdrops does get a percentage from the company when you sign up

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